Acure has partnered with Esplanade CapitalPty Ltd to form the Asia Business Group, an initiative that seeks to extend the global reach for Australian property and leverage its expertise in the property sector.

The Asia Business Group will assess real estate investment opportunities as they arise and provide ongoing oversight on the management and performance of the investment and the underlying property assets through to eventual realisation of the investment.

Governance of the Asia Business Group will be provided by the Advisory Board which will comprise representatives from both Acure and Esplanade and bring together the extensive experience and expertise. As Manager of the investments, Acure will be responsible for providing financial and operating reports to the Advisory Board to ensure the investment strategy is carried out in accordance with the plan and with transparency and integrity.

The initial members of the Advisory Board will comprise of the following:

Investment Committee Advisor, Asia Business Group

– Tony comes from many years of financial planning background and has also worked on property development in Perth. 

– Built up a widespread Chinese, Australian and Southeast Asia network in the mining, energy resources, property, technology and agribusiness sectors. 

– Tony also consults to a tier 1 law firm “Corrs Chambers Westgarth Lawyers” in the area of M&A and inbound investments into Australia.

Investment Committee Advisor, Asia Business Group

– Jack graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master’s degree in Finance.  

– He has been involved in the operation of the Western Australia Guangdong Association of Commerce for over 10 years. He currently serves as the president of the chamber and has assisted its members in completing numerous business tractions and project investments. 

– Within the Chinese business community, he has established an extensive international collaboration network. In China, his connections and influence are particularly notable. 

Managing Director and Founder of Acure Asset Management Ltd

– Over 26 years of experience in property funds management and capital markets.

– Prior to founding Acure, Mr Del Borrello also founded and was the Managing Director of ASX listed Aspen Group Limited (APZ) from 2001 to 2010 (REIT and funds management group) with AUM of $1.4 billion. Prior to this, he also held investment banking roles with Prudential Bache Securities and BNP Paribas. 

– Mr Del Borrello is a Fellow (F Fin) with FINSIA Australia and holds a Diploma of Financial Advising with FINSIA.

Business Development Executive & Responsible Manger at Acure Asset Management Ltd

– A qualified Chartered Accountant with over 30 years of experience in accounting, investment banking, finance and financial services.

– Previously held roles with KPMG, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, Poynton Corporate, Aspen Group and Perdaman Capital. 

– He is a member of the Chartered Accounts Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance. 

The Advisory Board is supported by strategic partners.

Acure Asset Management is an Australian-based real estate funds management group focused on identifying and originating quality property assets to achieve maximum returns for its investors.

Acure’s emphasis is to buy quality assets with strong leases and strong underlying tenants or multiple tenants that minimise risk and can provide a strong yield and good returns to unit holders.

With its head office in Perth, Western Australia, Acure Asset Management has established 17 syndicated funds worth A$550 million since commencing in 2012 across commercial, industrial, retail, residential, tourist and the mining hospitality sectors.

The management team has an in-depth knowledge of the property market and a successful track record in identifying quality assets with stable income and value-add opportunities via its strong relationships within the property industry.

Acure Funds Management Ltd is the funds management arm of Acure Asset Management Ltd and the holder of Australian Financial Services License No. 411056.

View our current portfolio of syndicates and track record.

Acure’s investment approach is time-tested:

– Target off-market, opportunistic purchases that are agnostic to sector 

– Active management to maximise investment returns

– Property Characteristics 

    – Income yielding, with prospects of capital growth

    – Large land holdings with capital improvements below cost

    – Strong tenant covenant with long leases and/or multiple tenants 

    – Typically $20M – $100M which is outside the target for private and institutional buyers 

    – Display capital security characteristics 

– Syndicate Characteristics 

    – Appropriate risk weighted returns

    – Conservatively leveraged, in line with income yield and lease profile 

    – Regular distributions (monthly or quarterly) to investors 

    – Closed end syndicates with defined exit periods 

– Wholesale investors only 

– A trusted partner with $550m in assets under management or realised 

– Access to off-marketing opportunities that offer superior risk weighted returns

– Management team with an in-depth knowledge of the property market and a successful track record in investment and development management 

– Significant co-investment in its syndicates by management and Acure itself, aligning with investors interests 

– Contacts and networks with some of Australia’s premier property solutions experts 

– Hands-on approach to asset management by a well-resourced team who deal with tenants and suppliers directly 

– Seeks to deliver exceptional real estate experiences and sustainable investment outcomes for its clients 

– Disciplined investment approach focused on maximising returns to investors and exceeding stakeholder expectations 

Acure holds and Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 411506) issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission which governs the procedures and processes of financial and investment organisations in Australia, including Unlisted Property Trusts.

Licensees are obligated to provide efficient, honest and fair financial services under the conditions of their AFSL and the Corporations Act 22001, and required to follow set standards, protocols and regulatory guidelines. 

For each investment, Acure is responsible for providing the following: 

– Investment services, including investment management, acquisition and divestment management, debt finance management, day-to-day administration, financial reporting, regulatory compliance management, investor relations and other fund management services. 

– Managing each property, including by providing services in respect of leasing, tenant liaison, property maintenance, regulatory compliance, insurance and other usual services provided by a property manager. 

The Board of Directors of Acure has established governance arrangements to ensure that each Trust is managed in a manner that is properly focused on executing its investment objectives in the interests of investors, as well as conforming to regulatory requirements. 

The Board comprises three (3) experienced and capable individuals with an average of over 30 years of business, industry and corporate governance experience and who have demonstrated a track record of delivering strong investment returns to investors. The deep industry knowledge and diverse range of skills of the non-executive members of the board with enable them to bring independent judgement to Board deliberations and decisions.

The Board is supported by an experienced management team with significant experience in asset and funds management.