The 64 GEH Trust

The Trust owned a 2.5 ha property at 64 Great Eastern Highway, South Guildford; located approximately 8 kilometres from the Perth CBD and 6.6 kilometres from the Perth Domestic T3 Airport in Western Australia.

The Property was purchased for $8.6 million in 2021 and sold in 2022 for $16.0 million.

The Trust’s initial 7 year investment term was extended twice by Investors who received an average income yield of 13.0% p.a. 

The investment delivered a total return (IRR) of 18.3% p.a. to investors after all costs over the 9 year term. 


LocationSouth Guildford, WA
Land area25 ha
Net Lettable Area3,670sqm
Key TenantsSwick Mining
Realised IRR to Investors (after fees)18.3%